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Have you ever wanted to grow a wider variety of plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits irrespective of external climatic conditions? Glasshouses enable you to cultivate flowers, fruits and vegetables during any season. We understand the hardship of growing outside in New Zealand’s unpredictable weather conditions – the cold, the rain, the frost, the wind, the hail, not to mention the birds and the insects. They can all wreak havoc at every stage of plant growth and sabotage your diligent efforts, delivering less than desirable results. Glasshouses make bringing on your own seedlings, cuttings and food possible at a fraction of the cost of buying them – and with more satisfaction in the process.  Well arranged Glasshouses will enhance your garden with a colourful display and becomes a landscape feature in its own right. 

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Win a Hygro-Thermometer
The only domestic glasshouses engineered to AS/NZS 1170 Standard made in New Zealand

Over the last 45 years we’ve carefully listened to our grower’s feedback to innovate and create what have become the leading Glasshouses.

  • Eden Glasshouses are built sturdy, simple, adaptable and extendable, so you never outgrow your glasshouse and it endures the test of time – offering fantastic value with minimum upkeep.

  • To ensure you are satisfied with the greenhouse you buy… all Eden products come fully guaranteed – so any defective item will be replaced free of charge.

  • Eden Glasshouses are cleverly designed to withstand the harsh and variable conditions of New Zealand. They are rigid and strong to meet AS/NZS 1170 Standards, and then tested by NZ consulting engineers for structural strength.

  • Eden Glasshouses are glazed in glass to allow maximum light in, while still keeping the cold, windy weather out. Glazed glass has unique properties of high light transmission, allowing in solar heat & also trapping the warmth re-emitted from the soil and plants bio-energy.

  • Glass is timeless, rigid, optically superior, scratch resistant and aesthetically pleasing (unlike plastics which show age degradation and have limited life spans). The polished smooth surface of glass retains less dirt deposits, is more resistant to environmental staining and is easily replaced. Choose from 3 glass options.

  • All Eden greenhouse kit sets come with step-by-step instructions and assembly DVDs to help assembling that much easier.

“It’s horrible having to work in the garden under the torturous cold spells of snow, icy blasts and rain, but it’s not just you that benefits from the chance to close the door behind you. Your plants will thank you for the stable climatic growing environment, and when you add power to your greenhouse you can easily extend your useful hours and the circadian rhythms of your plant babies.Beautiful-glasshouse

What to do Next?

The next thing for you to do is, browse through our products to find what you are looking for, or give us a call direct and we will help you to match the right greenhouse for your property and gardening desires. The real key to a pleasant experience with your greenhouse purchase is to know the conditions it will be subjected to and know what key factors you should be aware of. Once you start glasshouse gardening you’ll be hooked for life, so it’s important to make the right choice. Eden is widely reputed in the horticulture and gardening arena for high quality, robust construction with innovative designs that make your greenhouse experience simple & affordable.

The real benefit to greenhouses comes down to 3 simple things – it makes all year round gardening convenient, simple and pleasant. Go ahead… give Eden quality products a try with our money back guarantee. If you’re unsure what the right greenhouse solution is for your needs… then give one of our friendly experts a call – we love to help passionate gardeners have a great growing experience.

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